Silent Protest by the Dist. Congress condemning the Hathras Incident


Condemning the gang rape and murder at the U P and also the act of U P Police of attempting to destroy the evidences the Dist Congress of Belagavi has held a Silent protest at the Dr. B R Ambedkar Garden of Belagavi.

Alleging as the State govt. of U P and the Central govt. is attempting to cover up the gang rape of the Dalit Woman at U P and condemning the manhandling of the Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Friday the Dist. Congress held a silent protest and demanded for the immediate arrest and severe actions against the accusers.

Speaking by the time the Dist. President Vinay Navalgatti alleged as the actions against the criminals isn’t taking place against the criminals; a depravity of suppressing the public voice is being made. Condemning this with the name of JanaDhvani (Public Voice) the Congress has set a silent protest. An appeal will be sent to the President demanding for severe actions.