State Government should accept the reports of the Permanent Backward Class Commission – Ex CM Siddramaiah.


The Social, Econimical and the Educational survey reports of the Permanent Backward Class Commission should be accepted by the State Govt. immediately otherwise have to coming to the roads will take a huge protest warned the Ex CM Siddramaiah.

Speaking at the press conference organized by the Union of Karnataka State Backward Classes he said, if stepped back to receive the reports of the commission then it becomes necessary to union to protest. He declared as my support will be with the protest. Whilst I was CM the reports weren’t ready. So there wasn’t an issue of accepting. The rumors spreading by some isn’t apt about it.

He further added as only the voting power to the poor, dalit, suppressed and the deprived isn’t enough they should be empowered socially and financially as said by Dr. B R Ambedkar. They should have share in the power and property. Education should be provided to them as to others only then the freedom of the nation will be fruitful was the stance of Dr. B R Ambedkar. But now it is painful that only the political power has been received not the social and economical.