Stones planted overnight dismantled by the angry farmers – Vadagavi-Yarmal road, Belagavi.


The stones have been planted asides of the Vadagavi-Yarmal road at Belagavi overnight, the reasons are yet unclear as whether it is for the road construction or something else.

The farmers who saw these stones at the morning have expressed their anger over the govt. as they haven’t been notified about anything and the govt. takes the farmers land as if for granted, it always shows negligence about the lands belonging to the farmers and have pulled off those stones planted.

In the above picture you can see the farmers of Vadagavi and Shahpur dismantling the stones planted by the officials; the farmers have dismantled the stones in the presence of Karnataka State Farmer’s Association and Green Brigade.

The officers are being cursed by the farmers and by the time many farmers and the association heads spoke and expressed anger on the similar behaviors of the officials. They have appealed the officials to give explanation about the planting of stones without any notice.