Strict actions will be taken if misused the money of Corona-Flood: R Ashok


Deceiving by the time of flood and the corona is like cheating the god himself. Let the person that does this be anyone will instruct the DC to take strict actions against them said the Revenue Minister R Ashok.

Asserting to the questions of the medias about the Raibag MLA misusing the Covid-19 Money the minister at the Sambra Airport said the candidate who misuses the money sanctioned for the corona and the flood is purely ineligible to be at the power. Will be informing the DC to take the actions regardless of whoever it is. Will be taking actions against this after the review meeting.

Further asserting about the Tahshildar doesn’t having money in his account he said 666 crore is there in every DC’s account. 88 crore is there in Belagavi DC’s account, Yadgir 16 Crore, Bagalkot 33 Crore, Kodagu 68 Crore like this the money has been deposited in every DC’s account. Have been looking as there shouldn’t be any deficiency of money.