Sudden appear of Vatal Nagaraj hiding from the Police in front of Suvarna Soudha – Belagavi.


Vatal Nagraj who is well known for creating one or the other sensations has now passed a step ahead he and his fellows escaping from the sights of Police have suddenly appeared in front of the SuvarnaSoudha of Belagavi in a Govt. Bus.

Hiding from the visions of the Police Officials Kannada Chaluvali Vatal Paksha Presidnt Vatal Nagaraj and his followers arrived and set a protest in front of SuvarnaSoudha at Belagavi.They arrived from a bus after which the Vatal Nagaraj started to protest lying down in front of the SuvarnaSoudha. They demanded to hold the cabinet session at Belagavi and omitted anti slogans of Govt. After all the sensations the protestors took back their protest after being convinced by the Police.

Speaking by the time he said, Yadiyurappa is a dictator kind of CM, I have seen many CMs but Yadiyurappa is defection leader, and is looting corruption money. Our state is under control of such a CM who is filled with the feelings of hatred and jealousy. None of the DCM is able to question the CM.   He further said Yadiyurappa is stopping me from coming to the session if I could come then I could have pulled his pants.

He appealed to hold the session at Belagavi for 15 days and provoked as Shivsena and MES should be taught a lesson. He appealed for special packages for the Hyderabad Karnataka and North Karnataka.

And as full n final he stated as the CM must resign if he fails to do so.