Sudden price hike of Onion due to shortage at Belagavi


The onion at the Belagavi has high demands as there is a shortage due to the losses occurred by the rain. As there is a shortage of the onion the stock onion has got full demands and the warehouses of the APMC. The buying of the onion at the auction of the APMC was interesting.

The huge amount of onion has got decayed at the yards itself due to the continuous rainfall since days at state. The onion used to arrive to the Belagavi APMC from Bagalkot, Haveri Gadag including many talukas of Belagavi. This time due to the losses the onion hasn’t arrived to the market which made the stock onion rates turn sky high. The auctioneers calling out the prices of the onion was quite interesting at the APMC. The prices fixed were like for 1st quality onion 80rs/kg and medium quality 50rs/kg and finally the low quality were sold at the price of 30rs/kg.

Speaking by the time the farmers said as every year they used to bring more than 100 bags of onion but this time they could only bring up to 10 bags as most of the onion has got decayed. Whereas the shopkeepers said as they have hiked the price of the stock onion as the new onion hasn’t arrived yet.

In total according to the vendors the prices may still hike due to the shortage of the onion.