Suspicious death of a girl at Atiwad – memo issued to the Commissioner appealing for probe under MLA Laxmi Hebbalakar’s Vision.


A girl at her own residence had died suspiciously on 6th of the September. Though the complaint was registered at the Kakati Police Station the police hadn’t made any probes yet. Appealing to the Police Commissioner for immediate action and to provide justice to the family by arresting the accusers the family members under the vision of Rural MLA Laxmi Hebbalkar have issued a memo.

Whilst all the family members had been to the yard the 11 year old girl Riya Deepak Belagaonkar was alone at the house. When the family members returned at 5 pm the girl was found in the state of hanging at the room of the house. Alleging as the daughter hasn’t committed suicide and it is a well organized murder the parents had approached the Kakati Police on September 6th. But the Police haven’t taken any actions yet. At this background the father of the girl Deepak Belagaonkar and other members of the family approached the Rural MLA Laxmi Hebbalkar, and along with her appealed the Police Commissioner.

Speaking by the time the victim’s father said his daughter was healthy. She has died while none was there at the house. The incident has taken place on 6th of the September. Anyone who could have seen her in the position would have said it isn’t a common death. It had been nearly one month since our daughter has passed away so please probe the incident and penalize the accusers.