The Committee of 11 members to arrive on 21st November to discuss the Loksabha Election candidate – Vinay Navalgatti.


Today the members and the leaders of the Chikkodi Dist. Congress Committee had held a protest against the state and central govt. in regards to the hike in the power (electricity) hike. They knocked back the CM Yadiyurappa as well as the PM Narendra Modi.

Speaking by the time KPCC Rural President Vinay Navalgatti firstly wishing all the members the 103rd birth anniversary of the Ex PM Indira Gandhi said we the KPCC members have held the protest against the state and central govt. against the hikes at the rates of the power/electricity. He added as the action of the govt. that too in the time when all the vendors and others are facing the hardships of breaking down the losses of the lockdown is really condemnable. He added as the congress will not sit quite on the injustice over the poor and demanded to take back the hikes.

At the time when asked of the preparation of the upcoming Loksabha election he said a committee has been formed by the seniors that will be heading to the Belagavi in order discuss the candidate of the election. He added as it is the committee of 11 members of which MLA M B Patil is a president and the KPCC Working President Satish Jarkiholi is a Vice-President.

The committee will be organizing a meeting with the members and the MLAs of the party in which the 1st round of the discussion will go on.