The Durgamata Doud by only 6 members at the backgrounds of the Covid-19 at Belagavi


The 23 year old historic Durgamata Doud (running with the flag of Goddess Durga) which was celebrated grandly has started from today in a very simple manner with the following of Covid-19 guidelines.

The message of the rescue of the God, Nation and the Religion was passed with the Durgamata Doud organized by the Shivapratishthana Hindustan every year for 9 days at the time of the Navaratri at Belagavi. This time the Doud is being held in a very simple cultural manner at the backgrounds of the pandemic Corona.

At the presence of the leader of the Shivapratishthana Hindustan Kiran Gavade the 1st day Doud started from the Shivaji Garden. Passing through the various streets the Doud ended at the Dakhina Kashi Kapileshwar temple.

Informing about the event the Kiran Gavade said to the InNews Belgaum as the DC ahs allowed only 6 members to the event and as per his orders the event will be heading for the rest of the days. Tomorrow’s Doud will be from Chennamma Circle till the Durga Temple of the Fort.