The Education System is being spoilt by the govt. – alleged District (Rural) President Vinay Navalgatti.


Speaking first at the joint news conference on Saturday held in congress party office Belagavi, President of Belagavi Rural Vinay Navalgatti said, the govt. hasn’t released any schemes for the teachers in hardship and is about to spoil the education system. Speaking further he said, mid day meal should reach the houses of the pupils, and the process of convincing the parents of those children who have left school should take place. The same way the reliefs to those related to the education field directly or indirectly should also take place.

Next to him spoke the President of the city unit Raju Saith and said, the govt. has started online education but many poor are struggling for daily meals and at this time how will they buy a Smartphone is questionable. Teacher’s day isn’t to be celebrated for just one day the govt. should pay needful attention in resolving their problems. Many other Congress Leaders were present by the time.