The farmers and the flood victims of the North Karnataka ignored at the Cabinet Meeting: no hints in the highlights by Minister Madhuswami


It seems the North Karnataka has triked very less in the thoughts of the members that attended the cabinet meeting today. Minister Madhuswami at the press meet gave the highlights of the Cabinet Meeting in which there weren’t any decision taken towards the North Karnataka victims.

An essential cabinet meeting was held in the leadership of the CM Yadiyurappa the Nirbhaya project has been approved under the 56 crore sanction in which 46 crore has been decided to be utilized for the training of women staff as well as the app development said the Minister Madhuswami.

Speaking at the press meet regarding the Cabinet meeting the Minister said the allowance for the road construction work at the north Banglore has been allotted. 19 years contract has been given to the Firm Greening Institution for the disposal of the solid waste in boot model. Allowance to the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Robotics Park to the IT Department and the Indian Science Institute.

The other highlights that the minister revealed were like the land allotted to the Adichunchangiri mutt will be taken back, 130 crore has been sanctioned for the development of Harangi reservoir, for the court complex at Devedurga 9 Crore, Lingsur 82 Crore, Somawarapete 12.8 Crore. Mandya’s My Sugar factory to be given on outsources maintenance. Uplifting of some town panchayats.

He said the discussions about the reopening of the schools and colleges didn’t take place and as per the details given by the minister it doesn’t seems as the state govt. has concerns about the flood victims or the farmers of North Karnataka as there weren’t any decisions taken by the govt. in regards to them.