The govt. is with the flood victims: assured the Revenue Minister after the progress inspection.


Today at the conference hall of the ZP the meeting about the flood deluges situation and the actions taken was held at the presidency of the Revenue Minister R Ashok. Many public representatives, officials and the representatives of the respective departments were actively present by the time.

The officials and the public representatives of the dist. opened up with the problems and the situations of the flood listening to all the arguments the R Ashok said the by-polls are running but still the instructions have been given to the Dist. Incharge Minister to respond to the victims of the flood. The govt. is always with the victims and has provided the food and shelter facilities. The reliefs have been released to the victims of crop loss of last time and now even the reliefs for the flood victims has been released. And have instructed the administrators to fix if there are any loopholes.