The most awaited Belagavi DCC Bank Election – Ramesh Katti and Subhas Dhawleshwar to be continued as President and Vice-President.


The Belagavi DCC Bank President and the Vice-President election that had raised many curiosities has final given a shocking result.

It was thought as there is something mysterious going on in all the political parties especially in the BJP that was willing to select the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the DCC Bank in all its branches. This mystery has been a major curiosity of the public as well as the medias.

Today at the press meet the DCM Laxman Savadi has given break to all the curiosities. Speaking to the medias he said the Belagavi DCC Bank President and Vice-President election had lead to severe discussions. At the auspicious event of the Centenary function of the DCC Bank the seniors were willing as the selection of the both should take place unanimously. We accepted their willingness and thought of convincing the members of the Bank in almost all the regions except three regions.

He added as with all the meeting we have decided as all  the 14 members should be continued and in the same order the President and the Vice-President should also be continued. So the Ramesh Katti will be continuing as a President and the Subhas Dhawleshwar as a Vice-President.