The outrageous activists of Karnataka Nava Nirmana Sena interrupt bus transport at Belagavi


As a background of Karnataka Bund declared by the cooperation of Farmers Union, Dalit Sangharsh Samiti, KRV and some other Union as a protest against the APMC and Land Reform Laws passed by the state and central govt. a protest was held by interrupting the bus transport at the Central Bus Stop of Belagavi by the activists of Karnataka Nava Nirmana Sena.

The outrageous activists condemning the laws protested by halting the buses as an expression of their anger. They appealed the govt. to drop the laws by omitting oblations.

By the time the Dist. President of KNNS Babu Sangodi, Woman President Sushma Shilvant, Manjunath Patil, Nagaraj Dodamani, Shrikant Hampannavar, Manjunath Hadapad, Vrushabh Kamble, Sonu Sanadi, Vinayak Mirajkar and other activist were present.