The Personal relationship with CM BSY is different but in the Politics there isn’t any compromise – Ex CM Siddramaiah.


CM Yadiyurapp and I together have entered the assembly. The personal relationship and the political relationship with him are totally different. There isn’t any matter of compromise in the political relationship said the Ex CM Siddramaiah.

On congress presenting no confidence motion against the BSY Govt, Speaker Vishvesvar Hegde Kageri provided an opportunity. Speaking at the beginning he said he won’t be allowing the candidates who have confirmed positive of Corona as nearly more than 25 MLAs and 6-7 Ministers have been confirmed positive.

Next to him spoke the J C Madhuswamy Minister of Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Legislation of Karnataka said we don’t have any obligations to discuss no confidence motion. He appealed for voice vote instead of division.

Speaking next to him the Opposition Leader Siddramaiah said for the welfare of the state we too have social responsibilities. Previously many times the allowance has been given to congregation of the distrust through the division. As a background of dilemmatic situation with the humanitarian vision the allowance for the voice vote must be provided. Ineffectively the trust must be presented.

He further said as Yadiyurappa himself has said by posing no confidence motion they have brought power to us, to provide power to you we have posed the no confidence motion and as the distrust is not just within our leaders but it is with your leaders as well to which when J C Madhuswamy interrupted as we know about yours trust with Yadiyurappa he replied as Madhuswamy you don’t know as myself and BSY have entered the assembly together. I have spoke nicely at his birthday program. The personal relationship and the political relationship with him are totally different. And clarified as I won’t compromise in the political matters.