The selection of the Lok Sabha by-election candidate will be senior decision: Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi


There isn’t any discussion about Amarnath Jarkiholi competing in the by-election of Vidhana Sabha. The selection of the by-election candidate is left to seniors said the Water Resource Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi.

Speaking to the medias on Thursday the Minister said it isn’t true as Santosh from our family will be competing for the Belagavi by-elections. Amarnath keeps on giving political statements, only Amarnath is politically active and moreover the decision of whom to allot the by-election ticket is left to the seniors of the party.

Speaking further about the flood situation at Belagavi he said tomorrow he has called for a meet with the officials including the DC.

He appealed the locals and the farmers as not to try crossing any brooks risking their lives and not even to leave the livestock towards the river or nay brook for grazing as it is assumed as the storm mixed rainfall will be continuing for two more days.