The Smart City vegetable vendors get ID Cards form the Municipality for now: to get smart shops soon.


In addition to the city becoming smart city the vegetable vendors of the city are also about to become smart. The corporation of Belagavi is about to put officials imprint by providing the ID cards to the vegetable vendors.

Many initiatives are being taken towards making the Belagavi a Smart City. As one of those efforts the corporation has set a step of imprinting the vegetable vendors officially by providing those ID cards. Previously the vendors were given limited period licenses but the vendors used to sell their products in the streets keeping their licenses at home. So the corporation has took a new step this time.

The corporation has distributed the wearable ID Cards and made it mandatory to wear while vending. It is said as by this act it will be easy to collect the taxes from the vendors by the corporation. The ID cards have been distributed to more than 40 male and female vegetable vendors today. The officials have informed as the ID cards should be renewed after 3 years.