The State and Central Governments have failed to control the spread of Corona – Ex CM Siddaramaiah


Today some of the bills were tabled at the session and by the time there counter charges about the control over the pandemic Corona.

The speaker Vishveshar Kageri informed the CM BSY to pass the Bills of the last session which got allowance of the Governor. By the time the CM tabled the Bill of Karnataka City Municipality Amendment act 2015, and took back the Karnataka State Universities Bill of 2017. After that he tabled the Bill of Karnataka Lokayukta 2020, Karnataka Urban and Rural Development 2nd Amendment Bill 2020, Prohibition of merging employees of civil services public sector organizations with public services Bill 2020. After him the DCM Govind Karjol, J C Madhuswami, tabled some other bills.

After the tabling of the Bills as per the rule 69 the speaker allowed the opposition leader to discuss about Corona. Speaking by the time Siddramaiah said it is as essential as taking caring while the arrival of the Corona to take care after it. The flights arriving from outer countries were supposed to be prohibited but they weren’t because of which a terrible situation has been created in which lakhs together people are being affected by the pandemic. If the Central Govt. would have taken precautionary measures by February then the pandemic would have been controlled. The opposition leader alleged thus the Central govt. has failed to maintain the pandemic situation.

Soon the discussion to the face of counter charges in which other opposition leaders and the ruling party members countered one another.

In total the members of ruling parties are justifying saying that they are loyally producing the numerals of the of Corona to the alleges of opposition about the conspiracy of the maintenance of Corona.