The State Education Minister orders of starting the online education at all the schools of the state.



The online education guide has been prepared according to the reports and the suggestions of the experts and according to the reports and the guide all the schools are ordered to provide online education to the pupils said the Education Minister Suresh Kumar and has issued the orders.

Amid the corona all the schools were not opened at the state but as not to let the learning of the students behind the online education were established. The medias were reporting as the online education is becoming hurdle to the visions of the pupils and as a response to it the Education minister drafted a letter to the Public Education Dept. and after the detailed survey by the experts of the dept. the reports have come as the online education isn’t that harmful for the visions of the student. The education  minister has now issued an order to start the online education in all the schools according to the reports and the guide of the experts.