The state is being ruled by the ‘Percentage Govt.’ Ex CM Siddramaiah


No works are being done in the state without bribery. Even the sanctions for various works are not being released without the bribery. In the state the percentage govt. is running the administration poked the opposition leader Siddramaiah.

Speaking at the Sambra Airport of Belagavi the Ex CM said; let the areas of congress MLAs be aside even at the areas of BJP MLAs without the bribery sanctions are not being released. The corruption of the Govt. is crossing all the limits. It is for the first as the money is being bribed for the releasing of the sanctions that too by the own party candidate.

He further added as the money isn’t being released to the places where the Congress MLAs have taken the developmental works at hands. The sanctioned amount has been taken back. The flood victims haven’t received and reliefs yet. They are saying as there is money at DC’s account use it to facilitate the flood victim. If there was money at DC’s account then it could have already reached the victims if it hasn’t reached then it means as there isn’t money.

Speaking about the DJ Halli and KG Halli incident the Ex CM said as the Shootout has taken place twice in the Yadiyuarappa Govt. the incident has taken place due to the failures of the Police and the State Govt. If the actions were taken soon with the complaint then the incident could never had taken place.