The victim was referred to AIIMS not to Safdarjung hospital – Aligarh Medical College Principal.


The Principal of JNMC (Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College where the victim of the gang rape was admitted for more than two weeks) on Thursday said he has no idea as why the gang rape victim of the Hathras was admitted to the Safdarjung hospital in Delhi when they had referred her to the AIIMS (All Indian Institute of Medical Science).

Professor Shahid Ali Siddiqui of JNMC said we aren’t in a position to explain as to why the patient was taken to the Safdarjung hospital when we had referred her to the AIIMS. On the night of September 28, the victim’s family sought permission to shift her and we willingly referred her to the AIIMS.

The authorities of the JNMC said the Hathras district administration will be able to answer as we had no role in the issue on Wednesday.