The victory of the BJP at RR Nagar and Sira is certain: Delhi Special Representative Shankargouda Patil


The victory of the BJP at both RR Nagar and the Sira is certain. The fake games of the politicians deceiving the people on the names of social works will end now. The allegations about the Belagavi smart city project are being heard more so the meet with the officials will be called on Thursday said the Delhi Special Representative Shankargouda Patil.

Speaking to the medias at Belagavi he said the victory at Sira and RR Nagar has been certain, didn’t thought as the Sira Constituency that has seen Congress administration is so backward. While travelling at the constituency got to know as the Congress hasn’t done anything these many years. He added as the deceiving games of the politicians won’t be continued as the youth has woken up. With the medias and the internet the whole world is in the hands now and the youth won’t be allowing the jesuit politicians to play with them.

He added as the public has been alleging of facing many hurdles due to the smart city project, and it has been difficult to manage. So to collect the proper information of the proceedings of the smart city project a meet has been called on Thursday.