The victory of the BJP is definite: BJP State President Nalin Kumar Kateel at Belagavi


The by-elections are soon approaching, so have taken tour statewide. Aftermath of the declaration of the elections the BJP will be deciding as whom to allot the ticket for the assembly elections. The victory of BJP in all the upcoming elections is definite said the State President of the BJP Nalin Kumar Kateel.

After the Vijaypur tour yesterday he visited the Belagavi today and speaking by the time he said, the discussion about the reopening the schools is going on in the govt. the education minister will be soon taking the decision after the discussion with the parents teachers and the experts. The CM himself has said about this and the education minister has taken the decision about the Vidyagama project with concern to the medias and other sources.

He further added as the Panchayat elections and the by elections are ahead in the state so with the intentions of unifying the party have conducted the state tour. Have instructed the members to work in terms of the booths and the victory of the BJP in all upcoming elections are definite.