There were all opportunities to win the director seat of Khanapur but due some puzzles have lost by the end – Satish Jarkiholi


Over Anajali Nimbalkar loosing the tussle of Director Seat election yesterday on 06/11/2020 the KPCC Working President Satish Jarkiholi reacted to the medias today.

Speaking at the residence at Belagavi he said there were all the possibilities of winning but due to some puzzles by the end she has lost the tussle. He added as the DCC is bank that has farmers the most. Here it won’t matters as whether BJP, Congress or JDS. All the parties unitedly run the bank in the state. They are trying to do something new in Belagavi but nothing special will happen.

Reacting to BJP’s statement as assembly elections are our next targets he added the BJP might have told in all the areas of Belagavi Dist. yet two and half year power is there. What all will change in the state and the nation, and in which party they will be in future let’s just wait and watch.

And at the end about Vinay Kulkarni’s arrest he said there is political conspiracy in it. The BJP was targeting him since long and it has succeeded, but there isn’t any use in blaming all this the court’s decision will be ultimate.