Those who have ate salt must drink the water – Minster Bhairati Basavraj


The Urban development Minister Bhairati  Basavaraj sparkled extremely as either be a politician’s child or whoever it is in the case of drugs racket must drink the water if has eaten salt.

Speaking to the Medias at Davangere the Minister In charge said the Home Ministry and the govt. have put forward a step to vanish the drug racket completely. In such an action none will be spared no matter even if found to be a politician’s child. He clarified that if found to be culprits then neither be spared nor get any compensations.

He further said that the expansion of the cabinet is left to the CM. Both MTB Nagaraj and R Shankar have been made MLC in order to give them ministry. The allegations of the opposition about the involvement of CM Yadiyurappa’s son Vijayendra in the govt. is just a speculation.