Though Union Minister the cremation wasn’t that respective : KPCC President expressed displeasure against BJP.


Suresh Angadi was a Union Minister, there is a military base at Belagavi, the state and the central govt. didn’t make possible efforts to bring the body and pay tributes at Belagavi charged the KPCC President D K Shivkumar.

Speaking to the medias at the Sambra Airport at Belagavi the KPCC President D K Shivkumar said Suresh Angadi’s body was supposed to be brought to Belagavi, the chance to the people of the constituency for last visit could has been provided. With utter respect the cremation in front of the people of Belagavi would have been done. He alleged as the state and central govt. haven’t made an attempt of that.

Speaking further about the atrocity on a Dalit woman at U.P. he said Yogi govt. has brought a disease to the whole nation, it is a black dot on whole world as well as shame on human life.

About the flood relief he said the govt. isn’t able to provide justice to the flood victims. Though Belagavi has many MPs and MLAs still they aren’t able to provide justice. The citizens of Belagavi should think over and decide about this.