Traffic cop manhandles the civilian video goes viral on the social medias – Belagavi


Recently a video of a traffic cop manhandling a civilian at Piranwadi went viral on the social medias regards to this Adv. Harshwardhan Patil of Piranwadi has issued a memo to the DCP of Crime and Traffic.

The advocate said as he has come to know from Press and media, as there is a video which has become viral wherein a common man has been brutally harassed and beaten by the Traffic Police Department. He was injured and taken to the hospital for the treatment. It is a well-known fact that any person in this Country cannot take Law in their hands and that is the reason various Laws are enacted in our Country. The video in which the man is bleeding due to the assault done by Traffic Police department has delivered a wrong message in the society and people are scared, angry and disappointed towards this brutal act. He has humbly requested as an enquiry maybe formed against the Officials who have brutally assaulted a common man and necessary serious action must be taken against them.

The adv. has appealed as the incident of unnecessary harassment has taken place on the civilians by asking for the documents which are exempted by the Ministry of Road transport and Highways and the traffic cops have wrongly manhandled the civilians for violating rules.

The adv. has appealed as Traffic department officials are imposing challans to the citizens on the documents whose document validity is exempted by the Ministry of Road transport and Highways. He has brought into notice as on 24th August 2020 Nitin Gadkari who is the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways has instructed all the State departments to extend the validity of Fitness, Permits, Licenses, Registration or other documents pertaining to vehicles which have expired on or after 1st of the February 2020 under Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and Central Motor vehicles Act 1989.