Twice postponed NEET exam is finally being conducted today – students arrive following safety measures.


The long awaited NEET exam has finally found an auspicious moment to be conducted today. Students of different colleges and institutes have arrived following the safety measures notified to them.

Yes, the NEET exam by the NTA is finally being conducted today. Every time when the exam arrives we see a different kind of tensions like missing of something essential for the exam or pre phobia of clearing the exam and gaining good numbers but this time a common phobia of covid-19 is being observed in the students.

The same way in Belagavi the students have arrived to appear the exam at 21 indifferent centers, at the exam centers the students are being thermally examined and sanitized and in the exam halls the examiners are issuing them the masks as per the rules of NTA. The total number of students in Belgavi is 7,973.

We wish the students who have come to give exam for the courses of life savers a safe good luck.