Unanimous selection VS Election at the Shri Siddeshwar Co-Op Bank Vijaypur


Initiated by the F G Halkatti the Siddeshwar Bank has been a very well known bank in the state. The administrative dept. of the bank was selected through the election process every time but this time the committee on one side is trying to continue the staff without any election and by the unanimous selection of the members but at the same time some of the members are demanding for the elections.

Out of 19 posts in the bank 13 posts are reserved for the general categories whereas 2 for women, 1 for SC, 1 for ST, 1 each for Cat-1 and Cat-2 have been reserved.

The election of the members is about to be held on the 8th of the November for which some are trying to apt the unanimous selection process amid the Covid-19 whereas some others are demanding for the simple way of election as usually was held.

In total what will the end of this difference of opinion among the staff have to wait and watch.