Vendors protest to permit selling vegetables in Shanivar Khoot.


The vegetable vendors of Belagavi are angry on the City Corporation to output their outrage they have come forward to protest. These vegetable vendors were already in distress pre-lockdown, and now even after the unlock their situations have not been better; in between of this the Municipal Officers are driving out the vendors of street side.

A woman cried out saying, from many years the women form different villages come along with their vegetables and sell them sitting somewhere around the area. If the officers allow us to do sell the vegetables we can earn around 200-300 per day which becomes family support from us. Our lives and meals are dependent on this business but, now the officers are enforcing us to take out our stalls as they are about to clean this area.

Another vendor said his vegetables have been thrown out if the officers become this ruthless how we will fill the stomach of our family.

In total an allege is making sound as the corporation officers are smashing on the stomachs of vendors, what actions the officers are going to take in regards becomes a must watch issue.