Video Conference of the CM with the DCs of the flood affected Districts


CM B S Yadiyurappa held a video conference with the DCs and the CEOs of the ZP of the flood affected districts and collected the information of the situations of the flood. He directed them to take the precautionary measures.

Due to the sound fall of the rain over the state including the North Karnataka the flood situation has been aroused. Including the Kalburgi and Vijaypur many villages of some districts of the state have drowned and the life has become chaotic.

In regards to this the CM held a video conference with the DCs and the ZP CEOs and instructed them to take actions without disturbing the public. He further instructed to take necessary precautionary measures and to relocate the public of the flood affected areas to the safer areas. It is said as he also discussed about the comfort centers and some other factors as well.