Vitthal Havannavar PSI of Market Police Station Belagavi warns Paper Kite vendors


Passing by a service road of Belagavi-Dharwad national highway a biker named Rahul Jyotiba Rajgolkar (30) resident of Mahadwar Road of Belagavi has got some severe injuries by the Manja thread used to fly kites.

Rahul reported as the accident took place while he was returning home from his office and has appealed to take actions against those who flew the kites carelessly.

The PSI of the station reported the same above and said no major issues have taken place as the biker has stopped his bike instantly. He said the children and youth use this thread to fly kites and the City Commissioner of the Police has assured as the strict actions will be taken against the vendors and the consumers of such thread. A case regards to this has been registered at the Malmaruti Police Station of Belagavi and the officers are investigating about it.

Regards to this PSI Vitthal Havannavar visited the vendors of kites at Pangol Galli and made them aware as well as warned them about the incident.