We are trying unanimous selections at all the 16 areas – Laxman Savadi


At the backgrounds of the DCC Bank Elections the DCM Laxaman Savadi said we are trying to make unanimous selections at the 16 areas and this will be for the first time in the history of DCC Bank Election for the goodwill of the public.

As it was the last day for the nomination of the DCC Bank Election the leaders of the major parties had arrived to file their names in the list of nominees. Speaking by the time the DCM Laxman Savadi said as the unanimous selections will be tried after the nomination process in regards of the goodwill of the public and the Bank as well.

He added as in regards the discussions have been made with the seniors of the party and they have suggested unanimous selection for all the posts at the Bank. It will be for the 1st time in the history as in all the areas of the DCC Bank Election the unanimous selections will be made. When asked about Khanapur area he added as either Khanapur or Athani the process will tried in all the 16 areas.