What will happen on 25th November? BJP MLA Yatnal shocks the medias.


The Vijaypur MLA has given a shocking statement to the medias as well as the public.

While asserting to the questions of the medias over various issues the Vijaypur MLA Basangouda Yatnal by saying as to wait till the 25th of the November has given a shock as well as has planted a curiosity in the minds of the medias as well as the public.

About the development of the Vijyapur and the Green crackers he said there are two more MLAs and why they won’t be questioned for these as well as me. He added as the CM through the Somanna has informed as the development as well the reliefs will soon take place.

He gave a shocking reply when the medias asked as will the Diwali be bringing happiness to him? He said wait till the 25th of the November the good news will surely arrive, and when the medias asked what is it he just skipped telling them to wait wil 25th of the November. This statement though seems to be simple but creates a huge curiosity as what will happen on 25th.

At the end he said he isn’t interested in the Minister post and said let the govt. expand the cabinet anyhow they want.