Who is the Ex CM that has called the Anushree? Ex CM Kumarswami demands the proper investigation.


Recently it is being heard as an Ex CM has given a call to the actress/anchor Anushree being probed under the Sandalwood drugs probe. Ex CM Kumarswami has demanded for the proper investigation to find out who could be that Ex CM.

The Sandalwood drugs case is getting whole new format day-day. Recently the actress/anchor Anushree was called for the probes and behind that the news is being spread as there is an Ex CM pro Anushree and is pressurizing the officials to elusiveness of her. This created sensations over the state.

Speaking in regards to this to the media at Banglore, Kumarswami said I previously had warned as this will be ruined completely. Daily something new is being heard in this, some medias are scripting their own kind of reports, the same is being done in the matter of Anushree. Including me, S M Krishna, Jagadish Shetter, Veerappa Moily and Siddramaiah there are 6 Ex CMs. It should be clarified as which Ex CM asked the Kumarswami.

He further added as he will be drafting letters to the CM and Home Minister, the truths of the medias reports should be known. Who has given the information? Who is that Ex CM? and who all are there in the racket these all truths are to be find.