Why DCM Govind Karjol Shed Tears?


I’m getting old, so it being difficult for me to travel 600-700 km far distance and pay visit to the flood affected the areas. Moreober my whole family is fighting against the hardships of Corona infection. Saying the above the DCM Govind Karjol became emotional and shed tears.

The life has becomes clutter at the Kalburgi to the flood occurred. Hundreds of villages have become aquatic taking the public to the streets. In such a situation the DCM instead of visiting his constituency has paid visit to the by poll election campaigns which became a severe point of poking. Speaking about it to the medias at Banglore the DCM said helplessly I had been to Sira by-polls, my whole family is suffering from the Corona infection. He further added as I have become 70 years old now, till these many years have worked efficiently but now it is being difficult for me to travel 600-700 km distance and pay visit to the victims of the flood. Saying this he became very emotional which brought tears in his eyes.

He further said due to these all helplessness of mine the CM has sent R Ashok to the flooded areas, and pleaded to consider his situation little delicately.