Will not celebrate Mini-Dasara – MLA Devanand Chavhan


The grand celebration of the Navaratri which is widely known as Mini-Dasara at the Tamba village of Indi Taluk, is being held in a very simple manner without any grand procession this time amid Covid-19 said the Nagthan MLA Devanand Chavhan.

At the backgrounds of the Corona crisis only the worshipping of the idol of the national goddess will be held with all the religious rituals. Any kind of cultural, religious, or social functions will not be organized. He further added as in my leadership thousands of people used to hold a way-faring to the Tulajapur but this time it has been cancelled as the Maharashtra govt. has prohibited the entry of the devotees at the backgrounds of the Corona.

And finally requested the devotees to worship the goddess remembering in their minds and asked the public to support the decision of not distributing the leaves.