With 4 different demands the Veer Madakari Gharjane Sangha appealed the CM through the DC


Along with the demand of declaring Holiday on the Veer Madakari Jayanti on 13th October and the provision of all the priorities the Veer Madakari Gharjane Sangha appealed the state govt. thorough the DC of Belagavi and issued a memo.

The protesters appealed as the contribution of the Veer Madkari Nayak to Nation is huge, so the memorial of the Madakari Nayak should be established in the west steward of the Sriranga Pattan, a theme park of Madkari Nayak should be established at the Chitradurga, Madakari Nayak Jayanti should be celebrated by the govt. on 13th October and a govt. holiday should be declared on a respective day, and the alloeance should be given for the establishment of the Veer Madakari Nayak at Belagavi.

The members uttered the pro slogans of Kitturu Chennamma, Sangolli Rayanna and the Veer Madakari by the time.