Within one week the survey must get complete – strict orders by the Agriculture Minister B C Patil


The Agro Minister of the state has given the strict orders to the officials to complete the crop survey within one week.

Speaking at the presidency of the session of department level crop survey and inspection of the development of different schemes at the Banquet Hall of Suvarna VidhanaSoudha at Belagavi, the Agro Minister said digital survey is being fruitful till now 78 lakh farmers have self surveyed their yards till now in the state by the app of field survey. Some coastal areas are moving behind because of network issues.

The Union Agro Minister has assured of spreading the Mobile App of the self survey nationwide, and the farmers should pay only 2% of the insurance amount rest 98% will be paid by the govt. he said everyone should essentially pay the insurance amount and the officials will look after to it as everyone has paid.

The Minister collected the information of the rain, fertilizers, sowing and other essential information. The recruitment process of the officers to complete the staff efficiency will take place soon.

After him spoke the Vice President of the session Anand Mamani said the moong dal has seen complete loss and even cotton is facing the same, there is huge difference between the crop insurance of Belagavi and Dharwad soon it will be resolved.

Kittur MLA Mahantesh spoke to the Minister and appealed to fulfill the empty seats of the officials in their zone he informed as with the coordination between federations and dept. we can resolve the problem of Urea.

The MLAs of different zones spoke to the minister and expressed their problems and even gave some precise suggestions. They said for the survey at Belagavi the language becomes the barrier as there are Maratha people who don’t know much Kannada so the language problem must be looked up seriously.

And there are many fraud companies in the dist as well as the state the govt. and the minister must take the actions against them and provide justice to the farmers, were some of the major points by different MLA and the officers.

After all the hearings and discussion the Agro Minister launched the new App named “KRUSHI GNYAN APP”

By the time the Officials of the agriculture dept. of Belagavi, Vijaypur, Dharwad, Haveri, Bagalkot, Gadag and others were present.