Yadiyurappa is an up brought son of Corporate Companies KRSS President Badagalapur Nagendra


Speaking to the medias at the Shivmogga (Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha) KRSS President Badagalapur Nagendra poked as CM Yadiyurappa is an up brought son of corporate companies.

The state and the central govt. are poisoning the farmers through the anti-farm laws. None should call Yadiyurappa as a son of the farmer that pledged over the farmers once. He poked a joke saying he is an up brought son of corporate companies.

The Yadiyurappa that once fought for the farmers has changed his stances. They have brought anti-farmer, anti-dalit and anti-workers laws to the state. Such attitude is always condemned by the farmer’s organization and the protest will be continued.

He informed as the state executive meet has been called at Dharwad on 11th November. The structure of the protest will be finalized there. By the time he also alleged as the PM Narendra Modi has been announcing packages to other state even though it’s not that essential but he has been ignoring the Karnataka. He listed out the demands of the farmers and said the govt. must listen to our demands and fulfill it.