ZP president Asha Aihole took Taluk Panchayat CEO into Charge.


I am a President of ZP. I’m supposed to be invited to the every developmental works at dist. in such time how didn’t you invite me to inaugural of the works at Ugar which is my own constituency asking such question Asha Aihole took the CEO of Taluk Panchayat Erangaouda Agangoudar into charge.

Monday a development inspection meet was held on this Monday at the Taluk Panchayat Conference hall at Athani. By the time spoke the ZP President and said the designation of President of ZP is similar to that of cabinet minister. As per the rules inviting the ZP President is essential for the developmental works of dist.

Being my own constituency any works at Athani must be brought into my notice but the officials haven’t invited me for those and have took self decision inviting the Public representatives I need an explanation for this said the President of ZP Asha Aihole.

Not just this the President also took the Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Darshan H V into the charge who interfered the matter and tried to console her when she was saying about taking strict actions on Erangouda.