101 successful deliveries of Covid infected Patients.


Hubli KIMS hospital had put a new milestone in the medical field by 1st successful Plasma Therapy treatment in the state, and now had doubled its honor by with one more achievement. Now what is that achievement here is a report about it.

Hubli is seen as a Sanjivini of the poor. Many people from the state arrive to the hospital with lots of hope and equally receive the treatment. Since the Covid emergency the weights of the treatment had been raised on the staff of the hospital. A hospital which is recognized as a first successful hospital in the state to treat with plasma therapy has now created one more record with the successful delivery of 101 covid affected patients. The covid treatment was being given in the KIMS hospital at the same time the hospital staff has made 101 successful deliveries of pregnant women who had covid symptoms.

It is reported as 106 pregnant patients were covid positive in which 4 newborns and 3 women have occurred death, and the others have been delivered in between of the covid. Some of the deliveries have been a challenge to the doctors and staff but they have mnaged the situation and have done 101 successful deliveries. One patient had fuss in her stomach and another had been affected by cancer these two were the biggest challenge to the KIMS staff, but the staff have over crossed all the challenges and have successfully made an achievement and delivered 101 patients. It is reported as among the 101 deliveries 35 were normal deliveries and 66 were cesareans.

2 of the staff, 8 PG students, and 12 house nurses who worked in these delivery wards were affected by covid a qualitative treatment given by the staff and the administration even at such a critical condition has been a reason of appreciation by all.