Congress, a den of corruption: CM Bommai


Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai described the Congress Party as the den of corruption.

Reacting to the bundh call given by the Congress party on March 9 against corruption, the CM told the reporters here on Monday that the scams done by the Congress Party are not one or two. The time has come for that party to become extinct. Those leaders have given to the bandh call thinking that they can write their political future through protests and bundh, but none will support it.

Given target
He said people who make allegations must be clean-handed and then it will have some value. But the Congress leaders have indulged in corruption starting from the small items like pillows, mattresses, coffee, and biscuits to irrigation. During the Congress regime, the then CM Siddaramaiah has given the target to all the Ministers. Ask M B.Patil, Dr. H C.Mahadevappa, or K J.George regarding the target given to them. The Congress party is filled with corruption and their games will not be entertained. The people will decide in the election arena.

False prestige

Replying to a question on the re-inauguration of the Shivaji Maharaj statue in Belagavi, he said the previous CM B S.Yediyurappa had released Rs 50 lakh for this purpose. The Congress leaders have done this drama purely for false prestige. It is not correct to politicize in the name of the national leaders.

On the arrest of one person in connection with the Mangalore cooker blast case, the CM said ISIS, an international terror organization has claimed the responsibility for it. The KPCC President D.K.Shivakumar had termed this incident as a normal bomb. Now, what will Shivakumar say?