A protest by Jaya Karnataka Organization condemning the transfer of Shedbal Town Panchayat Chief Officer.


Condemning the transfer of the Chief Officer of the Shedbal Town Panchayat of Belagavi District’s Kagawad taluk the Jaya Karnataka Org. leaders protested and appealed the DC. They appealed as a chief officer who is working diligently at the Town Panachyat must not be transferred.

The leaders of the org. said as some of the members of the town panchayat itself are trying to transfer the chief officer, by transferring a diligent and loyal officer they may create problems to the public.they appealed as the transfer must be held and make convenience to the officer to continue his work.

Speaking by the time a taluk president of the org. Basavaraj Magadum said since the arrival of the officer the corruptions have been reduced, the people have so much faith on the diligent officer and that it why some are trying to transfer him such act must be prevented and the officer must continue his work in panchayat of Shedbal.

By the time Sanjay Rajput, Vinod Kamble, Irfan Attar, Dadasaheb Murgunde, Anil Chougla, Ajit Iraj, Shivkumar Navi and other members of Jaya Karnataka Org. were present.