Atrocity on the Congress women president at Khanapur.


At the time of protest against MP Anantkumar Hegde the atrocity on the congress women president has taken place condemning this a protest has taken place at Tahshildar office of Khanapur.

The congress zonal leaders were protesting at the Shivsmarak circle at Khanapur with police permission. While the time of protest a verbal skirmish has taken place between the protesters and the cops by the time the woman ASI Sapate and the woman staff have pulled the hair of congress woman president Anita Dandgal in order to stop the protest. The same time they have reached the neck of Yuva Congress President and pulled him by the collar of and took him to the police station in their vehicle.

After this the members of the congress went to the Tashiladar Office at Khanapur and sat protesting there, they expressed their anger against the oppression of the police and weeping by the time the woman president said the actions should take place against those who have insulted her.