B R Sangappgol insists for Belagavi-Nippani-Kolhapur-Karad railway Scheme.


We welcome the scheme of Belagavi-Dharwad Railway by the Union Minister who is of our dist, but along with that he could have joined the scheme of Belagavi-Nippani-Kolhapur-Karad railway, has seemed to be as if Chikkodi dist. has been neglected said the President of Chikkodi Zilla Horata Samiti (Chikkodi Dist. Protest Committee) B R Sangappgol.

Speaking to the medias at Chikkodi Circuit House he said Ex MLA Kakasaheb Patil had tried a lot for the proposition of the Dharwad-Belagavi-Karad railway scheme.

Now being of the same dist. the Union Minister has proposed only the scheme of Belagavi-Dharwad railways which is not that apt, the scheme could have been extended till Kolhapur. He kept his opinion by saying if the Scheme of Belagavi-Dharwad railway was extended till Kolhapur then it would have been helpful to the farmers to bring their crops to the market.

By the time author B Y Hanji was present.