BSY to be unseated by the CM post a senior of BJP has informed me – New bomb by Basavaraj Horatti.


One of the senior politicians of BJP himself has informed me as a huge level ploy is there in the BJP to unseat BSY from the seat of CM, said the ex minister MLC Basavaraj Horatti.

Speaking to the medias at Hubli he said it Yadiyurappa who has brought the BJP govt. to the South India for the first time. After too many fights he has made the party strong, but now there is a huge ploy in the BJP itself to unseat him as CM, not just that too many leaders are showing their compatibility to the seat, which has been informed by the senior politician of BJP itself, said Basavaraj Horatti leaving everyone to be in shock.

He even spoke about the Colombo tour saying it as a casual tour to discuss politics. In whole the unseating news of CM BSY has created a keen interest in political updates in state and now have to look forward as how this bomb will affect the politics.