Chairs for the insurgents and a flare to the weavers: KPCC Working president against the BJP


Before inviting the organization that creates riots over border disputes to the national party the leaders of the party should think once. Such invitations won’t be accepted by the common people. The BJP govt. has failed in almost all the fields. By not purchasing the sarees as assured the state govt. has flared the weavers. With the entire above allegation the KPCC Working President Satish Jarkiholi fired against the BJP govt.

Speaking to the medias at the Ghataprabha the Working President said the national party had invited those that create riots over border dispute to their party, but that didn’t succeed. Before inviting such the party members should think once at least. Though it is the decision of the party but the common public won’t accept it.

He added as the financial condition of the state govt. isn’t good and the govt. itself has said as it isn’t able to purchase the sarees form the weavers for such reasons. By not purchasing the as assured the govt. has deceived the weavers.