Chikkodi Tahshildar Subhash Sampagavi visits the yards affected by the deluge of rain – InNews Impact.


Recently InNews Belagavi briefly reported and broadcasted about the farmers that are suffering from crop loss at Chikkodi due to the deluge of rain in the visuals of the report it was clearly seen as the crops are surrounded by water and some of the farmers are using water pumps to remove the water from the yards. Awakened by the report the Tahshildar of Chikkodi has visited the yards on Saturday and has assured of the reliefs.

The villages on the north side of the Chikkodi are so close to the rivers and that is why they are facing the problems as there are floods in those rivers. The InNews broadcasted a detail report about the villages, farmers and their yards surrounded by water and had raised the question as why the officials are sitting blind. As a impact of this report the Tahshildar today has rushed to the places and has received an appeal letter from the famers assuring them as the conflict will be brought into the notice of the govt. and the proper reliefs will be sanctioned to them soon.