CM B S Yadiyurappa appreciates the Police work at the emergence of the Corona


The CM B S Yadiyurappa has appreciated the works of the police at reduction of the Corona and the maintenance of the Covid-19 guidelines efficiently during the lockdown.

The tributary program to the martyr police officials at the martyr garden at the center of the reserved armed forces was organized at the background of the Police Recall day.

Speaking at the participation of the program the CM B S Yadiyurappa said at the North Karnataka huge loss has occurred due to the flood. He assured as the govt. will be taking actions in a way as creates no problem to anyone. He added as the scientific survey is about to be conducted today and the details of the losses will be collected by the officials of the respective areas.

He further added as the DCs have submitted the primary reports and they have been guided to provide the essential needs and soon after the aerial survey the meeting will be held with the officials at the Banglore and the govt. is all set to provide the additional assistance.

By the time the Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai, Chief Secretary of the State Govt. T M Vijaybhaskar, DGP Praveen Sood and others officials were present.